The groups activity spans a wide range of collaborations, not all of which can be listed here.

Imperial College Research Teams

The group is hosted within the Engineering Alloys group, within the Department of Materials at Imperial College London. We most strongly collaborate with Professor Fionn Dunne and host joint weekly micromechanics group meetings. We also often collaborate with Dr Chris Gourlay (Engineering Alloys) and Dr Finn Giuliani (UK Centre for Structural Mechanics).

We actively collaborate with the Mechanics of Materials teams who are based within the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. In particular we work closely with Dr Daniel Balint and the AVIC-BIAM Centre.

The Centre for Nuclear Engineering (CNE) is an umbrella organisation that covers a range of nuclear activities across college. Dr Britton sits on the management board, primarily due to his Directorship of the MSc in Nuclear Engineering, and his duties overseeing the entire of the Nuclear Education Portfolio at Imperial College.

The Rolls-Royce UTC joins together researches who have work with Rolls-Royce nuclear, across a range of projects for Naval and Civil nuclear power applications. Dr Britton leads the micromechanical theme within the UTC.

Research Projects

All of the hexagonal metal (Ti and Zr) research is conducted within the HexMat consortium. This is a five year project with partners across Imperial, Manchester and Oxford Universities focussed on transforming our understanding of these exciting metals.

External Research Teams

We have strong and continued collaborative research with the teams of both Professor Angus Wilkinson and Dr David Armstrong who are at the University of Oxford.